In conversation with progressive house music producer Anton Borin

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Working as a resident DJ for the likes of BCSA, BC2 Records, Bevel, Clubsonica Records, Droid9 to name a few, Russian producer Anton Borin has experimented and found a loyal fan base through the years. Dabbling with anything from acid house, and fads of the electronic music scene, the producer would find solace in progressive house music. His latest collaborative work with DJ Bondarev ( Multiverse EP) via Ambious Records is a progressive house piece with finesse to note.

We chatted with producer – Anton Borin below.

How would you describe yourself and your sound as an artist?

It’s underground. At the moment, I’m trying to write music for primetime on the dance floor. The key to such a track is a good groove and a lot of effects.

Tell us about the first time you wrote a song.

The first experiments were in 96-98. There was such a Rebirth program. It had three TB synthesizers-303, 808, 909. I tried recording the acid house on tape. Then there was a big break. During this period I came to progressive house And really I started writing music in 2017. But the music was always there for me.

What five albums would you say influenced your sound the most? And which artists would you say you look up to as people?

1. Deep Purple – Machine Head,  2.Nirvana – Nevermind,  3.Prodigy – Music for the Jilted Generation, 4.Astral Projection – Dancing Galaxy,  5.Guy J – The Trees, The Sea & The Sun

Tell us about your writing process. Is there anything you need with you when writing music?

At the moment, I use a lot of analog equipment in my production. The main and favorite synthesizer right now is the Dave Smith OB-6. I also use Access Virus Ti and the Eventide H9 effects pedal. In the ‘Multiverse’ track for Ambious Records recorded together with Bondarev, we also used the Roland 808, 909 drum machines, and the Ensoniq DP4 effector.

Can you think of anything unexpected that has inspired your music at some point?

I look for inspiration in the emotions that surround me. And the beginning of my musical journey in 2017 was the birth of my son!

What is one sub-genre you think doesn’t get the attention it deserves? Is there any genre that lost popularity that you wish would make a new wave?

There is music that has passed the peak of popularity. For example, such genres as breaks and dubstep. The genre that I think is undervalued is progressive. In Russia, it is gaining popularity again. This is my style and I am very happy about it.

Who are you listening to right now? Any up and comers?

 I pay attention to Nopi, Volen Sentir, Guy J, Alex O’Rion, and Simos Tagias who are on fire right now.

Tell us about your live shows. What does or would make you different as a performer?

On my sets, I try to tell a story that will be remembered. My set is a mix of styles. I try not to get attached to one thing, but the mainline is underground progressive. I’m thinking about trying out live performances. This might be interesting.

What single night out has been the most memorable for you? Witness any shows that stand out for you?

As for my performances, I don’t want to single out any of them. I always get a lot of positive emotions. Each one leaves its mark on my heart. Where I was on the dance floor, I remember the arrival of Danny Tenaglia in Moscow at the end of 2000. It was very cool.

Who would play you in a film about your life?

Hehe, can be Johnny Depp?

What can we look forward to from you? Any new releases coming? Shows? Projects?

Yes, this year will be full of releases. First of all, we are waiting for a collection of remixes for our track with Bondarev on Ambious Records. This is going to be a really cool EP. Then there will be my single release with two remixes from the stars of the progressive scene on Ekabeat records. Next up is the long-awaited EP on Monog Records. We will close the first half of the year with a collaboration with my brother-in-arms Bondarev, a release on the new label of the very famous Warpp club in Russia. And it will be a bomb! We also continue to work with Bondarev on a lot of new material. Follow the news.

Famous last words?

Stay safe, we will survive these difficult times and be sure to dance together again.

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